Sunday 1 June 2014

Killer heels

I grabbed a pair of 'killer' high heels off the shelf to try on with a dress.  It was a bit of a joke as I had no intention of purchasing such a pair of skyscrapper heels.  However, apart from having to climb up onto them, they actually looked good, as well as making me six inches taller!

You can't walk in them and they'd wreck your feet if you did for any length of time - but I bought a pair!  As someone who's more used to barefoot, flats, trainers or maybe a slight heel, I admire anyone who can strut around in a pair of these.

I wore them to my Celebration Party - very Kate Middleton apparently.  Not the original peep-toe pair I first tried on, which really did cripple my feet, but a slightly more 'comfortable' pair, worn with a pair of 'high heel', barely there tights!  Yes, even my uber trendy, fashion conscious niece didn't know about these.  The 'high-heel' element is a cushioned pad on the ball of your foot to make them slightly more comfortable.  Find them in M&S - along with peep-toe versions for those summer shoes - a revelation in the tight department.  Highly recommended.

Back down to my flatties or bare feet ...
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  1. I think I should have been sponsored for managing to wear these for four hours. It was a relief to take them off!