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In June 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I'm fine now having been through the full course of treatment - surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.  Feeling positive and enjoying life.

In 2014 I turn 52 and appropriately enough, as a year has 52 weeks, I thought it would be a great idea to try 52 different life-enhancing things over 52 weeks.

I was inspired to start this after listening to a programme on BBC Radio 4 about a father and son team who where completing 125 Adventures around the UK to celebrate National Geographic's 125th Birthday.

My list is not intended as a bucket list and some of the 'things' will be simple pleasures.

It's purpose is to keep me motivated, get me out and about over the course of the year, try new things as well as do a few things I haven't done for a while.   But who knows where it will all lead.  I plan to complete in a few challenges along the way - I've signed up for the Race For Life in July

It's about fun and inspiration and enjoying life and hopefully will inspire others too.

It's also a way to raise funds for three of the charities that have the most impact on cancer in the UK and who I've been most closely associated with and supported by over the last few months.

You don't realise the impact of a cancer diagnosis until it hits you or someone close to you.  One in three of us will get cancer over the course of our lives.  The more we can do to fund the research into the causes and treatments of cancer, the more people will survive.

Feel free to read, enjoy, comment and of course if you feel inspired or would like to contribute to my fund raising - for some very worthy causes, then just click the Just Giving link top right and make your donation - Thank You.

If you'd like to sponsor me for an event or activity or can offer support - get in touch.

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