Wednesday 1 October 2014

Week 17-21: It's October - GoSober, Stoptober

As I neither smoke or really drink - going Sober in October didn't really fit the bill - instead I'm giving up caffeine!

So no tea, no coffee for a whole month - starting today.  Now that's a much bigger ask ...  I love the smell of coffee and enjoy a morning latte, although I rarely drink coffee after lunchtime but love an afternoon cuppa (with or without cake!)

I will still be available to meet for a variety of herbal teas (and if cake is involved - although in moderation!). :)

Good luck to everyone who has already signed up for Go Sober or Stoptober and if you'd like to either join me or donate to a very worthy cause just click ---> HERE

Go Sober in October - and support Macmillan

Stop smoking

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