Tuesday 16 September 2014

Week 15: Stop And Smell The Roses

On my way back from running a workshop in London, I took the opportunity to stop off at Nymans, just off the A23.

Herbaceous border, Nymans
After a quick walk around the gardens to admire the herbaceous borders which were totally bare in the Spring but filled to overflowing now.  I was after a few ideas for my own garden for Autumn colour. Very definitely stopping to smell the roses in the rose garden, most had gone over but there a few delicious musk and old English roses to sniff.

Heather garden, Nymans
I then settled in to do some work with a cup of tea in the Coffee shop before taking the scenic route back in to Brighton for my afternoon meeting.

It made perfect sense and was a good opportunity to take time out:

- I avoided the traffic through the roadworks heading back in to Brighton.
- I got a late lunch break in lovely surroundings.
- I was able to get on with work away from the distractions of the office.
- I didn't spend time going back to the office and then driving back in to Brighton later.

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