Thursday 21 August 2014

Yeah - hit my weight loss target!!

Simple laboratory scales for balancing tubes
Today I finally hit the 9st 5lb mark, having managed to lose 1st (14lbs/6.35kg) in the last five months.

This was my weight this time last year, before I went through surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

While I did weigh this just after Christmas and the New Year, after getting a gastric bug, ending up in A&E and then getting chemo two days later (not recommended), I did manage to put the pounds back on again when I started eating normally!  Not difficult when you're eating cake, sitting on the sofa and watching TV a lot!

After chemo was finished, I started exercising properly again with a bit of gentle Pilates (great for tone), adding juicing to my diet, watching what I ate, start running(jogging) again, completing the Race For Life in June and studiously logging food and exercise on MyFitnessPal (app).

It worked, because although it's been slow, I have seen the pounds slowly, ever so slowly drop off.  I'm not being fanatical about it, just eating more sensibly, plenty of fruit and definitely more veg, less carbs and still not giving up those occasional treats or saying no to a cooked breakfast every now and then!

Simple laboratory scales for balancing tubes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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