Monday 28 July 2014

Week 8: Natural History Museum

A second trip to London but this time in the heat of the Summer and with school holidays and hordes of tourists but at least an uneventful train journey and a more success plan to visiting the Natural History Museum.

It's very different from when I was last there, which I have to admit was probably a couple of decades ago.  It seems smaller but then it's been laid out very differently into Zones with suspended floors in what were once huge galleries.

Heading straight towards the Green Zone - the Birds and Ecology galleries. Two of my favourite topics, passing the fossil marine reptiles on the way.  I learned something new - plesiosaurs are actually smaller than I was expecting.

In to the Red Zone and earth science displays up .  Ah, that takes me back to my OU days - sedimentary, igneous and volcanics.

A good way to spend a couple of hours, followed by a walk through Kensington Gardens for my meeting in Notting Hill, which was the main purpose of my visit to London.

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