Sunday 6 July 2014

Week 4: Race For Life Brighton

Six months ago, I couldn't run for 30 seconds never mind 30 minutes!  Today I ran my first Race For Life, jogging round the 5k course in 38 minutes.

I will admit I did have to slow down and walk up most of the hill, which makes up the first 1k of the course up through the trees and along the edge of the path.  The overnight rain, made it muddy and slippery, along with the hazards of tree roots and uneven paths.

In the last six months I've also managed to lose 11lbs.  I have to admit to putting on quite a bit while going through treatment - that tends to happen when you don't exercise, spend too much time resting on the sofa, sleeping, watching TV and eating cake - or anything I felt like eating - especially when going through chemo!

It's not too late to donate on my justgiving page and help me raise even more money for research into cancer.

Don't forget if you're a UK taxpayer you can add Gift Aid and increase your donation by 25%.

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