Saturday 5 July 2014

Week 4: Can't sing, don't sing?

Or perhaps I will!

An opportunity arose this week to be part of a singing group.  It was one of the options at the Brighton Summit 'Dare Hour'.  I never sing and I believe, like many others that I 'can't sing'.  So I had a chance to try something I would never normally do, along with a group of others who felt the same.

The thoroughly delightful Julie Nye guided us through a number of songs, teaching us our various, thankfully short, parts which we then sang as a round.  I have to say we actually sounded pretty tuneful and being part of a group it certainly sounds better than singing alone or wailing along to a karaoke track.

So, if you can't sing or think you can't - find out if there's a local community group in your area and you might surprise yourself!  I did!

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