Tuesday 14 April 2015

Week 45: Badminton

Volant badminton

The racket sport not the horse trials ...

Another activity to add in to my exercise routine, a year on since treatment finished.

I haven't played badminton for ages and only ever played socially every now and then, so I wasn't sure how my shoulders would hold up given the explosive nature of the sport ... well if you're playing properly and not just having a gentle knock-about in the garden.

My local outdoor club organises a Badminton evening once a week so I dusted off my racket and went along to see if I could still hit the shuttle and have a half-decent game.  One court booked for a couple of hours for as many players as turn up.  Doubles rather than single, which means more people play and you also don't get so exhausted running around the whole court!

Didn't disgrace myself but did discover that the rules seem to have changed, as far as scoring is concerned (or perhaps I've never done it properly before), so left that to my fellow doubles players.  I'll get to grips with that on another day.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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