Saturday 8 November 2014

Week 22: Brighton Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

Ice-skating in the lovely location of the Brighton Royal Pavilion.  Part of a social event hosted by the Brighton Chamber and a chance to get on the ice before the rink opens to the public at the weekend.

This is the fifth year that the ice rink has been set up in front of the Royal Pavilion and it provides a very twinkly, scenic and festive backdrop.

I haven't been on the ice for years.  In fact the last time was at the old ice rink in Brighton Square and before that up in London.  A shaky start hanging on to the handrail for the first few circuits, gradually getting the hang of this incredibly slippery surface but managing to get round unaided for a couple of rounds before quitting which I was ahead and unbruised.

Not that I watch it but total admiration for the Dancing On Ice celebrities.

Great food and drink available if you don't want to skate or after you have.  Good fun and highly recommended.

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